Farm and Crop Insurance

Since 1965, Town & Country Insurance has protected the interests of thousands of hard-working farmers just like you. Back then farmers used to store their money in a big iron safe at the back of a store. Today, our insurance agents offer a large variety of insurance policies to safeguard your interests.

Whether you’re a local grower or a large-scale farmer, the licensed independent agents at Town & Country Insurance want to make sure you’re protected. Let us take care of your insurance needs so you can focus on growing and improving your business.

Crop insurance—which is regulated by the USDA—is designed to help you survive and recover from disasters. Every farmer and rancher knows that no two years are ever alike. Accidents happen. Bad weather can swoop down and destroy what you’ve built. That’s why it makes financial sense to protect your land and hedge against future uncertainties.

Because we’re an independent insurance agency, agents at Town & Country Insurance can gather quotes from many insurers and offer you the most economical coverage possible. We will design personalized insurance coverage for any of the following:

  • Crop Insurance
  • Farm Property Insurance
  • Farm Umbrella and Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Wind, Hail, and Flood insurance
  • Farm Vehicle Insurance
  • Farm Livestock Insurance
  • Equine Insurance

We’re here to listen. We’re here to answer your questions. Trust the experienced staff members at Town & Country Insurance to protect you, your land, and your livelihood.